Scan 1

Scan 11Scan 13Scan 14Scan 20Scan 25Scan 26Scan 28Scan 30Scan 32Scan 33Scan 34Scan 39Scan 41Scan 45Scan 48Scan 49Scan 50Scan 53034500170345001803450019034500200345002203450023034500240345002503450031048100120481001304810016034500010345000203450003034800050348000803480011034800140348001603480017034800180348002103480022034800230348002803480029034800340348003503480038photo 8photo 9photo 10photo 11048000050480000604800009048000140480001604810021toronto 1toronto 2toronto1891275_10203116950069826_120036850_n036_34 copy002_nr copy009_07 copy03450006024_22A copy026_24 copy 2Europe 0Europe 4Europe 8Europe 16Europe 23Europe 29Europe 34Europe 36Europe 38Europe 40Europe 43Europe 45Europe 47Europe 52Europe 53Europe 55Europe 56Europe 58Europe 60Europe 61


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I am an artist in London, Ontario.

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