Megan Arnold makes sappy mope pop music as Shhh using a looping station. Listen/download on Bandcamp and Soundcloud, and follow for updates on Facebook. You can view the full Shhh EPK which includes a bio, links, photos, and videos on Google Drive.

Megan also makes naive indie pop music during the summer with her sister as YARD SARD. Listen/download on Bandcamp and follow for updates on Facebook.


“Shhh (Megan Arnold) is dreamy. Everything about her Be Quite EP is warm, and fuzzy and subdued. Listening to the album is like deciding to stay in your pajamas on a rainy day. […] All seven tracks are slow and hazy – minimal melodies drowned in synth wash and the occasional guitar. Her vocal delivery is textbook indie sweetness, but her phrasing, overdubs and melodies keep the format fresh.” -Gerard Creces on Be Quite, LondonFUSE, March 20 2017.

“There are many ways in which a musician can charm you, and Megan Arnold needs do little more than open her mouth. She sing/speaks in such a down-to-earth manner that you immediately feel like best buds sharing secrets. In fact, Arnold doesn’t always have anything earth-shattering to say (when her lover goes off to work she gets up and eats hotdogs) but it is the way she says it — a don’t-give-a-fuck attitude combined with a seemingly unintended artsiness. It is all set to minimal keyboards in the background for a simple pleasure with undercurrents of intellectual cool.” -Mark Anthony Brennan on Be Quite, Ride the Tempo, December 8 2016.

“…Arnold’s words […] act more as short stories than lyrics […] that carry a loud drum and are truly outspoken.” -Madison Foster on Be Quite, SheWolf Radio, November 16 2016.

“Sounding child-like, Megan Arnold (aka Shhh) sing-speaks about noisy neighbours, (not) returning texts and reading sad books. All there is to accompany her is the simplest of electronic keyboard passages. Somehow Arnold makes it all sound compelling, even when she goes and repeats the entire thing.” -Mark Anthony Brennan on “Gym Linkesque”, Ride the Tempo, November 15 2016.

“Shhh is the magic act in this variety show. Her catchy pop songs are spellbinding. Arnold’s shy stage presence is the epitome of cuteness and you will be bobbing your head along to her quirky beats without even realizing it.” -Sara Mai Chitty on Shhh, LondonFUSE, February 10 2016.

“While these tracks maybe be simply written with charmingly acute drum claps and steady strums that flow from the guitar, they are expertly crafted with their naive lyrics about surfing the net and Senpai.” -Madison foster on Cool Creamy Dreamy Me Me’s, SheWolf Radio, September 9 2016.


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I am an artist in London, Ontario.